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Hartmut Holzmüller

Hartmut Holzmüller
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Professor in the Department of Marketing, Chair of Marketing, TU Dortmund University



Diploma and doctorate from WU Wien (University of Business and Economics, Vienna)
Habilitation (third level academic degree) from WU Wien

Research Interests

Cross-cultural marketing research
High-tech marketing
Market research methodology

Current Projects

Cross-cultural comparison of the content of advertisements (collaboration with Institute for Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan)

Differences of the effect of customer protection measures between Turkey and Germany (collaboration with Department of Marketing, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Re-design and further development of a PhD Course on “Methods and Methodology in Cross Cultural Research in Management and Marketing” (collaboration with TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and WU Wien, Vienna, Austria)

Selected Publications

Töllner, Alke, Blut, Markus, Holzmüller, Hartmut H., Customer solutions in the capital goods industry: Examining the impact of the buying center, in: Industrial Marketing Management, 2011, Vol. 40 (5), S. 712-722

Mogos Descotes, Raluca, Walliser, Björn, Holzmüller, Hartmut H., Guo, Xiaoling: Capturing institutional home country conditions for exporting SMEs, in: Journal of Business Research, 2011Volume 64, Issue 12, S. 1303-1310

Salzberger, Thomas, Holzmüller, Hartmut H., Souchon, Anne: Advancing the understanding of construct validity and cross-national comparability: Illustrated by a five-country study of corporate export information usage, in: Advances in International Marketing, Vol. 20: New Challenges to International Marketing, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., UK, 2009, S. 321-360

Woisetschläger, David M., Evanschitzky, Heiner, Holzmüller, Hartmut H.: Putting Service Relations to the Test: How Can Negative Consumer Reactions to Price Increases Be Reduced? in: Journal of Relationship Marketing, Vol. 7(4), 2008, S. 377-390

Neumann, Debra, Holzmüller, Hartmut H.: Service Delivery Encounters in business-to-Business Contexts as a Source of Innovation – A Conceptual and Explorative Study, in: Journal of Business Market Management, Vol. 1, 2007/2, S. 105-134