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Dionysis Skarmeas

Dionysis Skarmeas
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Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Communication.


BA Economics, University of Piraeus

MBA, Cardiff University

PhD Marketing, Cardiff University

Research Interests

International Marketing

Relationship Marketing

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

CSR & Green Marketing

Current Projects

“Green skepticism: Consumer attributions and responses,” with Costas Leonidou (University of Leeds).

“Why is achieving strategic goals so difficult for export ventures?” with Stavroula Spyropoulou, (University of Leeds), Costas Katsikeas (University of Leeds), Neil Morgan (Indiana University).

“Corporate Social Responsibility: An acceptable hypocrisy?” with Costas Leonidou (University of Leeds).

“Does control matter in export marketing channels?” with Costas Katsikeas (University of Leeds) and Dan Bello (Georgia State University).

“Exploitative and exploratory learning in turbulent times: Implications for export performance” with Ana Lisboa (University of Leiria ), Carmen Lages (Nova School of Business and Economics).

Selected Publications

Skarmeas, D., & Leonidou, C. N. (2013). When consumers doubt, Watch out! The role of CSR skepticism. Journal of Business Research, 66(10), 1831-1838.

Lisboa, A., Skarmeas, D., & Lages, C. (2011). Entrepreneurial orientation, exploitative and explorative capabilities, and performance outcomes in export markets: A resource-based approach. Industrial Marketing Management, 40(8), 1274-1284.

Skarmeas, D., & Shabbir, H. A. (2011). Relationship quality and giving behaviour in the UK fundraising sector: exploring the antecedent roles of religiosity and self-construal. European Journal of Marketing, 45(5), 720-738.

Baltas, G., Argouslidis, P. C., & Skarmeas, D. (2010). The role of customer factors in multiple store patronage: A cost–benefit approach. Journal of Retailing, 86(1), 37-50.

Katsikeas, C. S., Skarmeas, D., & Bello, D. C. (2009). Developing successful trust-based international exchange relationships. Journal of International Business Studies, 40(1), 132-155.